The residents and businesses of Cuyuna Lakes invite you to experience all our unique destination has to offer. This is home to Bay Lake, Crosby, Cuyuna, Deerwood, Emily, Ironton, Riverton and Trommald– where small town charm meets the great outdoors. We are honored you’re interested in visiting and are thrilled to have you as our guest.

Much like the red dirt that remains on your boots after a trek to the top of Miner’s Mountain, our story will leave tracks on your soul. Our tale was forged by the sweat, sacrifice, and toil of the men and women who uncovered the minerals that built the backbone of this great region.

The Cuyuna Iron Range produced over 100 million tons of high-manganese ore during WWI and WWII. Over generations, the terrain and economy of the Cuyuna Lakes experienced a boom and bust as the mining era ended, and again with the historic Scorpion snowmobile industry. Those who remained had a vision of hope, and it was decided our story would be one of resilience.

The barren mine pits that remained were reclaimed by nature to create pristine lakes now stocked full of trout and brimming with possibilities. Trails worthy of global acclaim now wind through this beautiful land we are so proud to call our backyard. So, get off the beaten path and come explore.

This is a place for family –a regional hub for healthcare and an excellent school district that embraces technology. We’re proud to be a destination for tomorrow’s leaders and entrepreneurs. We welcome you during any season to experience how our area is thriving. There are very few times in life that you can be part of a story this big in a region this small.

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